Greenhouse gas emissions continue to trend upwards

The most recent quarterly update of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, with data for the March 2017 quarter, show that Australia's greenhouse gas emissions continue to trend upwards, rising 1.6 per cent relative to the previous quarter on a seasonally adjusted and weather normalised basis.

The quarterly increase was the largest in nine years.

For the year to March 2017, emissions excluding the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector were estimated to be 550.4 Mt CO2 -e, an increase of 1.0 per cent on the previous year.

According to the report, the major contributor to the increase in emissions for the quarter was expansion in LNG exports, which saw a production increase of 39.7 per cent over the previous year.

However, emissions per capita and the emissions intensity of the economy for 2017 were at their lowest level for 27 years. Emissions per capita in the year to March 2017 have fallen 34.2 per cent since 1990, while the emissions intensity of the economy has fallen 58.4 per cent since 1990.

The Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: March 2017 is available here.

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