Provisional agendas for COP23 meetings released

The UNFCCC Secretariat has published provisional agendas for meetings taking place during the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) to the UNFCCC, which will be held in Bonn, Germany, from 6-17 November 2017.

COP23, to be chaired by Fiji and hosted at the headquarters of the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, will focus on monitoring the progress of commitments made by signatory countries to the Paris Agreement negotiated at COP21 in 2015.

The Paris Agreement, which established specific actions and targets for reducing greenhouse gases emissions, mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change, and financing mitigation and adaptation efforts in developing countries, took effect in November 2016. At COP23, delegates from 197 countries will clarify implementation frameworks of the Paris Agreement.

Introducing the agenda, the chair of COP23 and Prime Minister of Fiji , Frank Bainimaram, said that scientific research has shown that climate change is occurring “at a faster rate than we believed when the Paris Agreement was forged.”

“That means that we must embrace the Paris Agreement’s more ambitious target of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest.”

The provisional agendas for COP23 and related meetings include:

  • COP 23: will discuss preparations for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and will be the first session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement. It will consider matters including: the reports of the SBSTA, the SBI and the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement; development and transfer of technologies and implementation of the Technology Mechanism; capacity-building under the Convention; assessment of the technical examination processes on mitigation and adaptation; and gender and climate change.

  • the 13th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 13): will address matters under the Kyoto Protocol including the Clean Development Mechanism; joint implementation;, capacity building; and the Adaptation Fund.

  • the 47th sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA 47): and

  • the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI 47) will consider, amongst other things, second biennial reports from Parties, their reports on national greenhouse gas inventory data; common time frames for nationally determined contributions; national adaptation plans.

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