SA releases hydrogen roadmap

The South Australian Government has released a Hydrogen Roadmap designed to accelerate investment in hydrogen infrastructure and technologies in South Australia.

The Roadmap outlines how South Australia’s renewable wind and solar assets can attract international investment in hydrogen production and accelerate South Australia’s transition to a zero carbon economy.

Developed in consultation with industry, the Roadmap will help drive local demand for hydrogen in the transport and energy sectors, target overseas export markets, and establish South Australia as a testbed for cutting-edge hydrogen technology.

In tandem with the release of the Roadmap the SA government has:

  • Called for hydrogen infrastructure proposals under the $150 million Renewable Technology Fund

  • Called for tenders to supply at least six hydrogen cell buses for the Adelaide Metro fleet along with supporting production and refuelling infrastructure

  • Released an interactive map to provide investors and project developers with a tool to identify sites that are suitable for hydrogen infrastructure within South Australia.

Hydrogen can be produced from renewable sources such as wind or solar through a process in which electricity from renewable generators is used in an electrolyser to split clean water into hydrogen and oxygen. That hydrogen can then be used in a hydrogen fuel cell to power vehicles in South Australia, or can be exported around the world.

Japan and South Korea as hosts of the next summer and winter Olympic Games are among nations aiming to transition their economies to use hydrogen as an alternative zero-carbon emitting fuel source.

South Australia’s use of renewables, established trade routes and reputation as a safe exporter of fuels gives it advantage in this emerging industry.

Toyota Senior Executive and Director of Hydrogen Mobility Australia, Bernie O’Connor, said with Australia’s abundance of sun, wind and hydro we are ideally placed to transition away from a reliance on finite fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“Hydrogen will play a key role as a source for stationary, distributed and transportation power generation. Our long-term vision is a future hydrogen economy and society built upon clean and renewable energy technologies.”

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