Southern hemisphere's largest wind farm proposed for western Victoria

Plans for the $1.7 billion Golden Plains Wind Farm proposed by West Wind Energy have been submitted to the Victorian Planning Authority following completion of feasibililty studies.

The proposed new wind farm, to be located in the Golden Plains Shire, southeast and west of the small township of Rokewood, would be the largest wind facility in the southern hemisphere, consisting of up to 235, 3-5 MW wind turbines capable of generating over 2500 GWH per annum.

In mid-2017, federal and state environmental referrals were lodged, and referral agencies made a determination that the project will go through a bilateral State Environment Effects Statement (EES) process and a controlled action under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC).

The planning application for the project, which will be processed alongside the EES process, was lodged with the State Government in August.

Projects details provided by West Wind Energy include:

  • Installed capacity: 800 MW

  • Energy production: 3000 GWH ANNUALLY

  • Houses powered: > 500,000

  • Greenhouse savings: >3M tons of carbon dioxide annually

  • Site area: 17,345 Ha

  • Construction time: 4 - 6 years

West Wind Energy is offering a number of community and landholder benefits:

  • Once the wind farm is operational, a community fund will provide annual financial support of up to $235,000 a year ($1000 annually per turbine) for a range of community based initiatives, projects and events that benefit local communities around the wind farm.

  • A community investment program will facilitate host landholders and the community living within approximately 10km of the wind farm to invest financially in the project.

  • Non-host primary dwellings within 3km of a constructed turbine will be provided with free power,

  • The wind farm will also provide an energy audit for each of these dwellings to help homeowners understand how they can minimise electricity usage.

  • Residential property owners with 2km of a constructed wind turbine (excluding host dwellings and dwellings located within the Rokewood township), will be provided with an annual financial incentive based on level of impact. They will receive $1000 for each of the first three turbines, and $750 for each additional turbine that is constructed within 2km of their dwelling.

  • The wind farm will provide around $3.5 million in annual income across 39 host landowners.

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