WA catches the wave on energy

The Western Australian Government has announced funding totalling $19.5 million towards an Albany Wave Energy Project and Centre of Excellence.

$15,750,000 of the funding has been awarded as a grant to Carnegie Clean Energy to install a large-scale wave energy converter device known as a CETO 6 unit off the coast of Torbay near Albany. The converter will be capable of producing about one megawatt of electrical power for export into the South West Interconnected System.

$3.75 million has been provided to The University of Western Australia to establish a new Wave Energy Research Centre in Albany that will bring together more than 30 researchers from UWA and Curtin University to support the Carnegie Clean Energy project. It also includes collaboration with Western Australian wave energy developers.

Carnegie has been working on plans for a wave farm in Albany for over 5 years.

The Albany Wave Energy Project will be the first commercial scale wave farm in Australia and will demonstrate the potential for WA and Australia to tap into a highly consistent renewable resource; delivering 24/7 clean power into the electrical grid.

The Project, to be delivered in stages, will involve an initial 1MW stage followed by a 20MW wave farm resulting in over $100m of local investment. Successful demonstration of the 20MW farm could in turn lead to a 100MW expansion.

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