SA Government partners with regions to act on climate change

The South Australian Government has signed an agreement with Yorke and Mid North regional partners as a step towards preparing the area for the impacts of climate change.

The document cements a partnership between the State Government and regional stakeholders – including councils – and will ensure the region is prepared for climate change by focusing on adaptation and identifying the economic, environmental, and social opportunities for the area.

It will include the implementation of the Yorke and Mid North Regional Climate Change Action Plan, which aims to create a sustainable, prosperous and resilient region. The plan contains key actions in leadership, biodiversity, water resources management, industry and workforce development, infrastructure and planning, community development and emergency management.

The Yorke and Mid North region has been at the forefront of climate change adaptation planning, with their leadership acknowledged as the 2013 state winners in the local government category of the Australian Government’s Resilient Australia Award.

The Yorke and Mid North region covers an area of approximately 34,930 square kilometres, and is bound by approximately 760 kilometres of coastline. It includes the majority of the Northern and Yorke NRM region and majority of the 15 councils, represented by the Legatus Group.

Climate projections for the region indicate that average temperatures will increase across seasons, and will result in more hot days, fewer frosts, and harsher fire-weather. Also that the region will see a decrease in overall winter rainfall, but with more extreme rainfall events; along with an increase in sea levels and height of extreme sea-level events.

The Sector Agreement for the Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Yorke and Mid North is an agreement between the Government of South Australia and the Yorke and Mid North Regional Alliance; a partnership between the Legatus Group, the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board and Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North.

The Legatus Group is the name of the Central Local Government Region which undertakes the co-ordination, advocacy and representation of the constituent councils at a regional level.

The agreement was co-signed by Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North chair Bill Vandepeer, Natural Resources Northern and Yorke Management Board presiding member Eric Sommerville, and Regional Council of Goyder Mayor and Legatus Group chair Peter Mattey.

The agreement complements and supports South Australia’s Climate Change Adaptation Framework: Prospering in a Changing Climate, which provides a coordinated approach towards preparing for the impacts of climate change in South Australia, along with a number of other existing policies and programs.

Voluntary sector agreements have been established to underpin climate change adaptation planning and action in several regions including Eyre Peninsula, Limestone Coast, Northern Adelaide, Resilient East and Resilient Hills and Coast (Kangaroo Island, parts of the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula).

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