Australia ranked third bottom in Climate Change Performance Index

Australia has been ranked third bottom of the list of 56 countries and the EU in the 2018 Climate Change Performance Index.

Australia was ranked among the very low-performing countries in three of the CCPI’s categories –greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and climate policy – and was among the low performers regarding renewable energy, which results in position 57 in the overall tableau.

The Index report identifies the need for Australia to strengthen the country’s 2030 targets especially in terms of emissions reduction and renewable energy and for the government to sufficiently implement credible policies for meeting these targets.

The CPPI is compiled by three independent groups which monitor climate change and renewable energy policies -- the Climate Action Network, GermanWatch and the NewClimate Institute.

The Index, which has been produced for 13 years, did not allocate the first three positions to any country, because “even after the Paris Agreement came into force, no country has yet done enough to prevent the dangerous impacts of climate change”.

Australia's ranking of 57 placed it ahead only of the Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia, and behind the US at position 56, Russia at 53, Canada 51, and Japan 50. Top performing countries on the Index are Sweden, Lithuania, Morocco, the UK, and Finland

The 2018 Climate Change Performance Index is available here.

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