Queensland looks to benefit from climate action

The Queensland Government, in partnership with EY (formerly Ernst & Young), is examining over the next year how Queensland can position itself to capitalise across key sectors, including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, construction and tourism, on the opportunities arising from emerging global trends towards the zero carbon economy.

Minister for Environment and Science Leeanne Enoch said that embracing solutions to climate change can be a positive thing for Queensland.

““While there are many risks associated with climate change, what’s clear is that solutions already exist that have the potential to create more jobs and commercial prospects for Queensland businesses, and safer and happier communities.”

Her comments coincide with a tour of Australia by Paul Hawken, director of Project Drawdown,a science-based assessment of climate solutions created by a coalition of more than 200 experts from around the world.

A book bringing together the findings of the project, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, was released mid-2017, providing details of the 100 'most substantive' solutions to reversing global warming.

The top ten of these are: refrigerant management; wind turbines (onshore); reduced food waste; plant-rich diet; tropical forests; educating girls; family planning; solar farms; silvopasture (combining trees and pasture); and rooftop solar.

More information about the Drawdown project is at http://www.drawdown.org/

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