Sydney calls for comment on sustainable office building plan

The City of Sydney has released a draft sustainable office building plan for public consultation, setting out actions for the commercial office building sector to address its environmental impact.

The plan is part of pathway to reach the Sustainable Sydney 2030 targets, which include 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030, 70 per cent commercial waste recovery by 2021 and no increase in potable water consumption by 2030 from a 2006 baseline.

Office buildings and their occupants were responsible for 45 per cent of carbon emissions, 20 per cent of commercial waste and 27 per cent of water consumption in our local government area in 2015/16.

The plan outlines outlines areas of action for building owners, office building tenants, building managers, developers, and government. They include:

  • using and promoting environmental ratings;

  • cost-effective retrofits;

  • owners engaging tenants for whole building performance;

  • on-site solar or procuring renewable energy, leaders commit to net zero; and

  • connecting to recycled water where possible.

The draft Sydney's Sustainable Office Building Plan is available here.

Feedback to the plan is due by April 18.

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