Victorian Climate Change Innovation grants awarded

The Victorian Government has awarded $4.3 million in Climate Change Innovation grants to 24 projects.

The grants program is designed to foster action, innovation and collaboration between businesses, industry, researchers and government and drive greater investment.

Amongst the grant recipients are:

  • Precision Agriculture Pty Ltd, for their project, which will demonstrate on dairy farms how variable rate application of fertiliser can reduce the amount of free nitrogen released into the atmosphere

  • Deakin University for the Fridge Off Grid project, which will show a reduction in expenses, power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by removing refrigerators from the grid through development of a portable solar panel & power storage units

  • Wodonga City Council, for their community solar project, which is implementing a working example of a community renewable energy model not seen before, that provides benefits to the entire community, including helping adaptation for low income households.

The grants program is part of the Government’s $5.6 million investment in the Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation Program. The Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation will run a workshop in April for grant recipients.

More information is here.

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