Massive Pilbara project to be expanded

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH) project is set to expand to include an additional 3 GW of capacity to supply large energy users in the Pilbara, expanding the project's generation capacity to 9 GW.

The project aims harness Western Australia’s wind and solar resources, to export renewable energy to Indonesia via subsea high voltage DC power cables and to the Pilbara via new high voltage AC transmission lines.

The additional capacity will comprise 2 GW of wind power and 1 GW of solar power, and will enable mine expansions, the addition of upscale value-added processing, and potentially also the production of hydrogen for domestic and export markets.

The totol 9 GW of generation will comprise 6 GW of wind generation and 3 GW of solar PV generation, which will produce approximately 33 TWh of energy each year.

The project is being developed by a consortium which includes Intercontinental Energy (which is developing several such intercontinental projects worldwide), Vestas (the largest wind turbine company in the world) and CWP Energy Asia (a renewable energy project developer).

More information about the project is here.

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