Report shows record Australian emissions trending away from Paris target

Consultancy Ndver Environmental, has released its report, Tracking 2 degrees, FY2018,Q3, finding that Australia’s national emissions for the calendar year to March, excluding land use change, were the highest since records began in calendar year 2002.

The report tracks Australia’s performance against our Paris target and the Climate Change Authority's carbon budget based on the latest available data, trends and industry movements for the months of January, February and March 2018 (Q3/FY2018).

The results showed that the electricity sector emissions for Q3/FY2018 increased by 1.7 Mt CO2-e on the previous quarter’s result driven by an increase in fossil fuel electricity generation across the NEM including a 9% increase in brown coal generation in VIC, a 10% increase in black coal generation in NSW and a 38% increase in gas generation in QLD.

Fugitive sector emissions for Q3/FY2018 are projected to be the highest on record driven largely by increased natural gas production and processing.

Stationary energy, transport and industrial sector emissions are projected to decrease slightly for Q3/FY2018 after consistently increasing every quarter since Q3/FY2017.

The report concluded that if Australia continues its current emissions trajectory, then by 2030 Australia will have emitted over 1040 Mt CO2-e more than the Paris trajectory. This is equal to 1.9 years of Australia's entire national emissions.

The report is available here.

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