Cities Power Partnership signs up 70 councils in first year

A year after it was launched by the Climate Council, the Cities Power Partnership has signed up 70 councils across Australia, becoming the largest local government climate network in the country.

Cities Power Partnership Director Alix Pearce said that the program’s success reflects Australia’s homegrown climate revolution.

“Australians want to see real action on climate change, in their own backyards, and local governments are stepping up to meet the challenge,” she said.

“From floating solar farms powering major infrastructure, through to solar bulk buys that helpCouncils taking part in the Cities Power Partnership range from metropolitan giants such as City of Sydney, recently named as the Asia-Pacific’s most sustainable city by the Carbon Disclosure Project, through to smaller regional shires such as Bundaberg (QLD) and Strathbogie (VIC).

One of the main trends emerging from the program is the shift by councils to powering the public infrastructure that Australians use every day, from carparks to childcare centres to swimming pools to water treatment plants, partly or entirely by renewable energy.

Some of the biggest climate actions are coming out the smallest towns. Regional and rural areas are increasingly taking charge of their energy future, according to Alix Pearce.

“Regional towns like Bundaberg in Queensland, recently ranked as Australia’s number one solar postcode for domestic solar panel uptake, are quietly shifting to clean energy to beat soaring power bills. It just makes sense – we’re one of the sunniest countries in the world, why not use it?” she said.

“Australians aren’t waiting around for a clean energy future – it’s happening right now, in our towns and cities.”

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