Queensland government to offset fleet emissions with Aboriginal carbon farming

The Queensland Government has announced it will offset the emissions from its fleet of vehicles with carbon credits from Aboriginal carbon farming projects.

The Government, through the $8.4 million CarbonPlus Fund, will pay a premium price for high-quality carbon credits generated by savanna burning and other Aboriginal-run projects in Queensland to offset its vehicle emissions from the 2017-2018 financial year.

Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch said the initiative would see Traditional Owners receiving a financial return for caring for Country.

“By offsetting our vehicle emissions with Aboriginal carbon credits, we are not only helping to grow the state’s carbon farming industry but also providing social and cultural co-benefits to Queensland communities,” Minister Enoch said.

“This will help create jobs for Traditional Owners to manage fire regimes, and boost participation in the emerging carbon farming industry.”

The Queensland Government has contracted two service providers – Corporate Carbon Advisory Pty Ltd and the Aboriginal Carbon Fund to deliver 115,000 Australian Carbon Credit Units.

CEO of the Aboriginal Carbon Fund Rowan Foley said the initiative would create new opportunities for ranger groups and Traditional Owners in Queensland.

“The carbon economies emerging on Aboriginal lands will enable sustainable income for local rangers and Traditional Owners, ensuring that the environment is well managed and helping the government to offset its carbon footprint,” Mr Foley said.

Potentially worth up of $8 billion to Queensland by 2030, carbon farming involves the management of vegetation, land, animals, soil and fire, to store carbon and avoid the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Embracing the solutions to climate change can be a positive thing for Queensland and we need to start carving our place in the emerging zero carbon global economy,” Minister Enoch said.

“These solutions will in many cases lead to more jobs, more prospects for Queensland businesses, and safer and happier communities, as long as we position ourselves to take advantage of these opportunities.”

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