Boomtime for Victorian renewable jobs

Up to 6,000 jobs are expected to be created in the coming years in Victoria as the state continues to invest heavily in renewable energy sources.

The new analysis, released by Green Energy Markets, found that thousands of construction and operation jobs are continuing to be generated, with the sector already generating upwards of 5,200 years of employment to date this year.

Victoria’s renewable boom has seen 26 operational projects come on line, with 12 under construction and a further 28 pending approval.

Green Energy Markets’ Tristan Edis says renewable energy has “now more than replaced” the Hazelwood coal-fired plant. Hazelwood shut down in March 2017.

Edis anticipates that renewable energy should also be enough to replace the NSW Liddell plant before it closes in 2022.

However, he says the boom could end without policy intervention at the federal level.

The report also found that Australia’s uptake of renewable energy had exceeded the original targets of 33,000GWh, as well as the original higher 41,000GWh target.

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