Woodside boss flips on carbon pricing

The boss of the nation’s largest oil and gas producer has publicly called for a price on carbon.

In an address to the Melbourne Mining Club, Woodside’s CEO and Managing Director Peter Coleman said that a standardised approach to carbon pricing would provide both certainty for the industry and energy pricing.

“Without a global carbon price, we are stuck with a patchwork of national approaches, loosely coordinated under the Paris Agreement. And so, we need to deal with the problems inherent in this piecemeal approach,” Mr Coleman said.

“In the absence of an appropriate carbon price, we risk a perverse outcome where the lowest cost of reliable supply into the market remains the greatest emitter of carbon, offsetting the benefits renewables offer.”

The call by Mr Coleman represents a complete reversal on the approach to carbon pricing by the company, who led the charge against the the Gillard government’s carbon pricing mechanism.

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