Australian property giants step up to climate challenge

Three more large Australian property development companies have announced their joining of The Climate Group’s EP100 leadership initiative for businesses using energy more productively.

Dexus, Cbus Property and Nightinggale Housing will now target net zero operating carbon emissions across their portfolios by 2030.

Mike Peirce, Corporate Partnerships Director, The Climate Group, welcomed the news: “With almost 40% of energy related greenhouse gas emissions coming from buildings, it’s vital that the entire sector steps up to reduce its climate impact.

“Putting energy efficiency at the heart of growth strategy makes business sense – it lowers risk, saves money, and delivers on the expectations of shareholders.

“We congratulate Dexus, Cbus Property and Nightingale Housing for their public leadership on the issue and call on all companies in real estate and construction to seize the same opportunity.”

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