Authority shows wilful climate change ignorance, concludes report

Commonwealth officials have been delivered the sharpest rebuke to date of their management of the ailing Murray-Darling basin after the Royal Commission savaged their ‘gross maladministration’ and illegal conduct.

In a report handed down earlier this week, the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission recommended a complete overhaul of the multi-billion dollar Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

In his report, Commissioner Bret Walker SC accused Commonwealth officials of gross misconduct, displaying an especially dismal understanding of the potential catastrophic impacts of climate change.

Mr Walker slammed the Commonwealth’s for its approach to the impacts of climate change, accusing the Murray-Darling Basin Authority of willful ignorance.

“That is unlawful. It ignores the best available scientific knowledge. As an administrative decision it is indefensible,” Mr Walker concluded in the report.

The report concluded that more environmental flow is urgently required to restore the health of the ecosystem.

The report caps off a horror week for the MDBA and Commonwealth, after the Productivity Commission recommended that the Authority be broken up and stripped of its remit over the remaining $3 billion in funding of the Murray-Darling Plan.

The full Royal Commission report can be found here

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