Emissions climb 0.9 per cent

Australia’s carbon emissions have continued to increase, showing a 0.9 percent increase in greenhouse gas pollution in the year to September 2018 according to new figures released by the Department of the Environment and Energy.

Driven predominately by increases in natural gas production in Western Australia, the country’s greenhouse gas emissions have shown steady increase across multiple sectors.

The data drew a sharp rebuke of the newly rebranded Emissions Reduction Fund, which received a $2 billion funding injection late last month.

“This week we’ve seen the Federal Government recycling a failed policy, the Emissions Reduction Fund. That policy never tackled fossil fuels, the main contributor to climate change, so pollution has kept rising. An old, ineffective policy with a fresh name isn’t a solution,” the Climate Council’s CEO Amanda McKenzie said.

“Today’s data tells a very clear story. Without effective policy, Australia’s pollution will keep rising. We are further away than ever from meeting our 2030 Paris climate commitments,” said Ms McKenzie.

“Australia is the sunniest country in the world and one of the windiest. We have great opportunities to tackle climate change, but we have had no effective Federal policy,” she said.

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