New CRC for Transformative Cities proposal to tackle climate challenges

The Water Sensitive Cities Cooperative Research Centre has developed a proposal for a new CRC for Transformative Cities to advance opportunities for urban development based on principles of water sensitive design.

The proposal identifies four objectives for future cities:

  • healthy people and places,

  • thriving protected ecosystems

  • sustainable efficient resource use through adaptive infrastructure

  • innovative and strong economies.

It's plan comprises the following targets:

  • drive innovations in resilient infrastructure and communities by harnessing technological breakthroughs and the power of engaged citizens to effectively plan for and respond to climate change.

  • facilitate sustainable and efficient resource use via circular economies that integrate water and other urban systems, particularly in waste, transport, energy, housing, food and health.

  • unlock new partnerships for funding to deliver the investment required to keep our cities among the world’s most liveable.

The prospectus for the proposed CRC identifies the most pressing problems facing Australia's cities as urban intensification due to population growth compounded by climate change and economic constraints.

The CRC would undertake four major programs:

  • The Mainstreaming Water Sensitive Practice program will help cities ensure water sensitive approaches become standard practice, supported by strong community demand, robust science, technical capability, sufficient funding and supportive governance.

  • The Integrated Urban Systems program will help cities manage water, energy and food resources as part of a circular economy. Using new technologies and contemporary urban planning and design practices, cities will adapt to climatic extremes and achieve density in way that supports attractive, healthy environments and community wellbeing.

  • The People and Place program will foster collaboration across organisations, sectors and communities to develop and deliver urban services that create inclusive, attractive, resilient places that reflect local community values.

  • The Funding and Servicing program will help foster new partnerships, to unlock private investment in urban infrastructure. New financing and service models will share the risks, costs and benefits of integrated systems among stakeholders, and promote innovative hybrid solutions that deliver multiple outcomes.

The CRC for Transformative Cities will apply for funding in the 21st CRC selection round, which is expected to open in June 2019.

The prospectus for the CRC is available here

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