Pollution reaps high price

Nearly one-in-ten of all deaths worldwide in 2017 were in some way caused by global air pollution, according to a new report released by the Health Effects Institute.

The annual State of Global Air report concluded that the life expectancy of the average child born in 2019 will be shortened by an estimated 20 months, with the worst impacts being felt across Asia and the developing world.

The report found that global air pollution ranked fifth across the world in morbidity, accounting directly for over five million deaths directly and a worldwide collective loss of a 147 million healthy years lost.

Alarmingly, over half of the deaths attributed to air pollution in 2017 occurred in China and India, while Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 34% of all pollution related deaths

“Long-term exposure to household air pollution has been linked to cardiovascular disease (ischemic heart disease and stroke), COPD, acute lower-respiratory infections, lung cancer, diabetes, and cataracts. All but cataracts are included in estimates of the global burden of disease,” the report concluded.

The full report can be found here

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