Wilderness Society urges Australians to vote on environment

The Wilderness Society has released an open letter urging Australians to vote on environmental issues as the country prepares to head to the polls for the May 18 election.

It is crystal clear that Australia’s environment laws are broken and urgently need an complete overhaul. This election, we need to change the laws of nature,” Wilderness Society’s National Campaigns Direction Lydon Schneiders said.

Mr Schneiders said that the ongoing mass deforestation of Queensland was of particular concern, which is contributing to giving Australia the worst track records of extinction of mammals.

“Our existing national environment laws mean industry can continue to log old growth forests and endangered species' habitat, and that oil companies are free to drill within the vast marine wilderness of the Great Australian Bight,” Mr Schneiders said.

“The recent release of the interim report of senate inquiry into animal extinctions made disturbing reading of systematic policy failure and warned of a looming extinction crisis without urgent action.

The letter comes after a coalition of independents in the Federal Parliament called for new laws and the formation of a new National EPA.

“This election is a critical moment for the environment and a crucial opportunity to turn around 25 years of neglect and disinterest in real leadership for the environment by our national parliament,” Mr Schneiders concluded.

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