Capricornia set for climate devastation

Worsening flooding, a collapse in annual rainfall and heatwaves that last over a month are all on the cards for the Queensland electorate of Capricornia if climate change continues unabated, a new report from The Australia Institute has warned.

According to the Institute's assessment, if emissions continue to rise, by 2070 the electorate of Capricornia is projected to experience:

  • Up to twice as many heatwave days per year

  • A single heatwave could last up to over 35 days

  • A 90-130 percent increase in the frequency of droughts and flooding

  • Up to 30 percent increase in evaporation

  • Up to 50 percent reduction in rainfall

“People in this region know how devastating droughts and floods can be. This assessment shows they will become much more frequent and intense over coming decades unless emissions are reduced fast,” says Mark Ogge, Principal Adviser on Climate and Energy at The Australia Institute.

“This is by far the biggest threat to anyone living in Central Queensland — any policy makers who are not serious about tackling climate change are asleep at the wheel.”

The full report can be found here

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