Satellites to track emissions in real time

A USD$1.7 million collaboration between Google and WattTime will see the real time tracking of carbon emissions from all large power plants the world over before rendering the information public.

The funding from Google was made available through the company’s Google AI Impact Challenge.

The project will see WattTime use the growing global satellite network to observe power plants from space, while Ai technology will use processing algorithms to detect power plan emissions in real time.

“Far too many power companies worldwide currently shroud their pollution in secrecy. But through the growing power of AI, our little coalition of non-profits is about to lift that veil all over the world, all at once,” said Gavin McCormick, executive director of WattTime.

“To think that today a little team like ours can use emerging AI remote sensing techniques to hold every powerful polluter worldwide accountable is pretty incredible. But what I really love about better data is how it puts most companies, governments, and environmentalists on the same side.”

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