Australia’s emissions continue to rise

Australia’s emissions have continued to steadily increase, driven by gas and coal extraction, new research from The Australia Group (TAI) has found.

The National Energy Emissions Audit findings come after Federal Minister for Emissions Reductions, Angus Taylor, claimed the country’s total emissions are on a downward trend.

“The new Minister for Emissions Reductions Angus Taylor has begun his term by delivering two key reports that confirm Australia’s rising emissions,” says author of the Audit, Dr Hugh Saddler.

“What the latest National Energy Emissions Audit confirms is that Australia’s emissions are rising, not falling. These findings fly completely in the face of Minister Taylor’s claims to the contrary.

“Emissions directly from the gas and coal industries in Australia made up about 15% of all national emissions in 2017; given fossil fuel extraction has subsequently increased, it is hard to see how they wouldn’t be even higher now.”

Key findings in the Audit include:

  • Australia’s emissions are rising, not falling, as shown in the National Energy Emissions Audit analysis of Australia’s National Inventory Report to the UN

  • Fugitive emissions from mining have increased by 55% and mining energy emissions have increased by 30% over the last 15 years (since 2005)

  • Queensland's gas and coal mining emissions alone already accounted for 7% of Australia's total in 2016, this share is likely currently even higher

  • Transport emissions have increased 23% since 2011, driven largely by diesel which has jumped by a staggering 50%

  • The electricity sector continues to reduce its emissions, which are down 17% since their peak in 2009.

The full Audit can be found here

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