Environment concerns grow

Australians are increasingly concerned about environmental health, with 46% of Australians mentioning environmental concern as one of the major global issues, according to new data released by Roy Morgan.

The data also shows that 34% of Australians rate economic concerns as their chief anxiety, up 2% since early 2018.

A further 21% of Australians mentioned Economic issues such as Poverty and the gap between rich and poor, Over-population, Economic problems, Cost of living issues, Unemployment and Globalisation/ Fairer world trade and Trade wars.

Economic Issues led by Unemployment, Cost of living, Economic problems, Poverty and the gap between rich and poor, Homelessness/ Lack of housing and Housing affordability were mentioned by almost 34% of Australians as the most important problems facing Australia.

Environmental Issues including Global warming, water conservation and problems with the Murray-Darling, Drought, Pollution and Rubbish were mentioned by a further 24% of respondents.

These further themes emerged:

  • 11% of respondents mentioned concerns related to Social issues which includes Social apathy/Family breakdowns/Moral decline, Educational issues, Crime/Law and Order, Social welfare/Welfare dependency;

  • Government, Politics and Leadership issues were mentioned by just under 9% of Australians;

  • Religion, Immigration and Human Rights which includes the contentious issues surrounding asylum seekers and refugees were mentioned by over 6% of Australians;

  • Under 4% mentioned issues surrounding the Energy Crisis, Energy and Power supply, Electricity grid and Fossil fuel.

“In mid 2019 the Environment has re-emerged as a huge issue for Australians particularly when it comes to a global issue. Nearly half of Australian respondents mentioned an Environmental issue (46%) when asked to nominate the most important problem facing the World to more than double the second-placed Economic issues (21%),” Michele Levine, Chief Executive Officer Roy Morgan, says.

“This represented a huge increase from 18 months ago in early 2018 when the Environment was mentioned by just 22% of respondents while 25% mentioned Economic issues.

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