Extension to submissions for the EPBC Act review

The Federal Government has announced an extension to the deadline for providing initial submissions for the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) Review.

A discussion paper was released late last year to start the conversation about how the EPBC Act has operated and whether it is fit for the future. The paper outlines the Act, what it does and where it came from. Potential areas of focus for the review are explored, and options for reform floated.

The review will make recommendations to modernise the EPBC Act and its operation to address current and future environmental challenges, including consideration of:

  • The objects in section 3(1)(a)-(g) of the Act

  • Australia’s international environmental responsibilities

  • Indigenous peoples' knowledge and role in the management of the environment and heritage

  • implementation of relevant agreements between the Commonwealth, states and territories

  • other legislation that may relate to the operation of the Act

  • recommendations of previous reviews and inquiries and significant publications regarding the operation of the Act and potential reform

  • broad consultation, including with state, territory and other levels of government, non-government organisations, Indigenous peoples, members of the community, industry and academia, and

  • costs and benefits of recommendations.

Public submissions in response to the discussion paper are open until Friday, 17 April and can be made via the website here.

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