Survey finds environment and climate top issues for Australian voters

A poll by JWS Research has found that when voters are asked to identify the most important issues, without any prompting, more than a third identify the environment and climate change.

In its True Issues survey, JWS Research asked 1000 adults to name up to three issues that personally interest or concern them the most and that the Australian Government should focus on, and that 36% described issues related to the environment and climate change.

This was similar to the previous survey undertaken in November 2019 (34%), but substantially higher than the post-Federal election result for environment and climate change (22% in June), when the Royal Commission into Aged Care kept hospitals, healthcare and ageing most top-of-mind.

In the most recent survey, conducted between 20-24 February, hospitals, healthcare and ageing (24%), employment and wages (21%), and the economy and finances (18%) remained the next most important issues on Australians’ minds.

The True Issues report is available here.

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