Scientists reveal their feelings about climate change

A website created to encourage wider public engagement with climate science and climate scientists has published updated letters from scientists expressing their personal feelings about the world's progress on climate change.

The website, Is This How You Feel?, was established in 2015 by Joe Duggan, science communicator at the Australian National University, showcasing handwritten letters from 40 climate scientists around the world.

Soon after the launch of the website, Duggan wrote “It is my belief that these letters can act as another avenue through which inactive and apathetic individuals can connect with this monumental issue.”

Five years later, Duggan is reaching out again to scientists with the same question – How does climate change make you feel? So far, ten letters have been published on the site, eight of them from Australian scientists.

In general, the sentiments are disappointment, concern and sadness that not more has been achieved over the past five years and that the urgency to take action has only increased.

The website has been used by teachers to encourage school children and yuong adults in their learning about the topic.

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